Large two-stroke marine engine inside engine room on a vessel

Keep your two-stroke marine engine running efficiently

The maritime industry relies heavily on two-stroke marine engines to power the vessels. These engines are highly efficient. However, they require proper lubrication to function at their best. Lubrication is an essential component of any engine, and it is especially critical for two-stroke marine engines. The right lubricant and lubrication system help to reduce friction, prevent wear, and extend the lifespan of the two-stroke engine. 

Learn more about Hans Jensen Lubricators’ lubrication system and how it keeps your two-stroke marine engine running smooth and efficient below.

Why proper maintenance is important for two-stroke marine engines

Proper maintenance and regular servicing identifies any potential issues in your two-stroke marine engine before they become major problems. Neglecting maintenance can lead to decreased performance, increased fuel consumption, and a shortened time between overhauls. 

Today, ship owners face several challenges. One is the frequency of crew change which might weaken knowledge sharing between members and accumulation in the long run. Also crew responsibilities tend to become broader with less room for specialization in lubrication and other areas. Finally technology becomes more complex and the introduction of new fuels being one factor that challenges efficient cylinder lubrication.

HJL offers a full framework of services, helping you to get the most out of your lubrication system. Our approach takes a broader view at cylinder maintenance in order to offer you the optimal solution. Take our Cylinder Condition Optimization Program. This is the most comprehensive service program in the world centered around maintaining cylinder efficiency. We  use our knowledge that has been collected over decades and find the best way forward in close collaboration with you.

In addition to regular maintenance, using a reliable lubrication system will further extend the lifespan of your two-stroke marine engine. With the right system, your  two-stroke marine engine can operate at its best and reduce friction, minimize wear, neutralize acids, keep piston rings free of deposits and finally provide a gas tight seal between cylinder liner and piston rings.

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The advantages of Hans Jensen Lubricators’ lubrication system for two-stroke marine engines

Hans Jensen Lubricators is the leading provider of lubrication systems for two-stroke marine engines. Our systems are designed to provide reliable and efficient lubrication.

Reduced operational cost

Achieve significant reduction in cylinder lubrication oil consumption – up to 60% – lower CO2 and particulate matter emissions, and finally, extend cylinder liner lifespan by minimizing wear on liners and piston rings. Combined all of these factors will lead to reduced operational costs.

Prepare for a greener future

HJL technology supports the future use of greener fuels and switching between fuel types. Our solutions provide the flexibility needed for injecting lube oil during every piston stroke, varying the angle and timing according to fuel profile.

Increased transparency

HJ Smartlink™ is a brand-new digital lubrication platform for remote monitoring of several parameters. Keep an eye on feed rate, oil consumption and get alarms or notifications are just a few of the options available for you.

Please contact Hans Jensen Lubricators today to learn more about our  systems and how they can benefit your two-stroke marine engine.

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