HJ X-Tronic

Electronic control system for mechanical lubricators
that converts to load dependent lubrication.


Reduces cylinder oil consumption by up to 50%.


Improves cylinder condition significantly


Lower particle matter and CO2 emissions

Easy add-on solution

HJ X-Tronic is an electronic regulation unit that converts mechanical lubricators from RPM-dependent to BHP- (load)-dependent.

HJ X-Tronic ensures that the cylinder oil consumption is adjusted automatically to match the current operating conditions such as load %, BN-level or the type of fuel, including the sulphur %.

The majority of older vessels still using original lubrication systems have higher than necessary lube oil consumption, which is not only expensive but also potentially harmful for the engine in the long run.

By retrofitting with HJ X-Tronic, you will experience significant savings in cylinder oil consumption by up to 60%, as well as improved engine conditions.


  • Up to 50% reduction of cylinder oil consumption
  • Reduced wear of liners and rings
  • Improved acid neutralization and reduced corrosive wear
  • Reduced emission of particle matter and CO2
  • Extended TBO
  • Easy operation for crew

Product features

  • Oil injection in every piston stroke
  • Feed rate regulation depending on load or Sulphur level
  • Automatic Cleaning Sequence algorithm (patented technology)
  • Delta-Timing algorithm ensures lubrication both into ring pack and liner
  • Sulphur-, load- and BN-dependent algorithms
  • Possibility for online monitoring and preventive alarms
  • Using HJ SIP valves:
    Atomizing cylinder oil into the combustion chamber lowers oil consumption further.

The animation of the balance shaft shows how changing the point of suspension alters the position of the rocker arm and stroke length.

(Sequence 0:15-0:16 sec.)

Feed rate comparison

Load regulated (green) vs. standard lubrication (blue)

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CylinderCare Pro

Automatic Cleaning Sequence (ACS)

ACS automatically increases the injected cylinder oil quantity for a limited period of time.

This “boost” of extra oil ensures optimal cleaning of liners and rings from particles and deposits which in the long run leads to improved cylinder condition.


  • Control the amount of extra oil injected into the ring pack
  • Control frequency within a 24 hrs. cycle (typical cycle is twice a day)
  • Frequency, timing and amount is customizable by engine crew

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Sulphur-, load- and BN-dependent lubrication algorithm.

HJL lubrication systems offer multiple modes of operation depending on your need.

Product FAQ

How does the HJ X-Tronic upgrade work?

The current conventional mechanical lubricators are improved using HJ X-Tronic. The lubricator enables electronic control and automatic regulation of oil according to engine load.

How does HJ X-Tronic know the engine load?

It takes the position of fuel regulation shaft multiplied with engine RPM and calculates engine load. It thereby calculates how much oil should be injected into each cylinder during each revolution.

How does HJ X-Tronic regulate the volume of oil injected?

The electronic actuator adjusts the feed rate on each lubricator (not each lubrication point) according to load or sulphur level.

Can I see how much oil is being consumed?

Yes. It is possible to install an analog flow-meter, which can be connected to HJ X-Tronic. This allows crew to monitor actual oil flow on the flow-meter counter.

What is required for the installation?

Our engineers will conduct the installation in-situ, onboard your vessel, when it is convenient for you. Assistance from crew is needed for welding and cutting the control boxes.

What is the installation time?

Approximately 4-5 working days, likely less with crew assistance. Much of the work takes place “outside the engine”, so this can be performed during normal vessel operation.

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