HJ Smartlink™

Next generation lubrication technology

Take cylinder lubrication online and get the data you need for greater efficiency and safety

Digital lubrication platform

Online data access brings you full transparency of the lubricator performance across a number of vital parameters for running an efficient two-stroke engine.

Protect the engine and optimize ROI

HJ Smartlink™ makes proactive cylinder maintenance possible. This helps you optimize operations, prevent costly downtime and keep lubrication costs at the lowest possible level.


Engine crews are challenged

Engine crews perform a wide range of tasks in today’s engine rooms. In some cases, working conditions are made more challenging by a combination of new technologies, green legislation and switching between vessels.

This is where HJ Smartlink™ makes a difference for crew, fleet owners and technical managers, by providing access to real-time data and setting alarms on key parameters. Our API transfers lubrication data to your main online hub for easier fleet and engine management.


Remote monitoring of:

  • Feed rate
  • Average oil consumption
  • Fuel index
  • Engine load
  • Engine speed RPM
  • Alarms and notifications
  • Route and location on a map

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Interface snapshots

A powerful tool for Technical Managers

Using HJ Smartlink™, technical managers and marine engineers can perform proactive maintenance of the lubrication system and cylinder with real-time data. This reduces the risk of unplanned downtime and a loss of income for fleet owners.

HJ Smartlink™ puts you in the best position to provide remote support and qualified recommendations for your crew based on actual data.

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