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Estimate your lubrication oil and cylinder liner savings using Hans Jensen Lubricators.

Enter the data from your daily operations in the form fields below and get a rough estimate of how much you can save during the remaining vessel lifetime.

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Oil Savings

Estimated lube oil savings in the remaining vessel lifetime

Cylinder Savings

Estimated cylinder wear savings in the remaining vessel lifetime

Total Savings in remaining vessel lifetime

This calculation provides a simplified view of the savings potential based in the remaining lifetime of the vessel. We are happy to provide a more precise calculation based on actual data from your vessel – without any obligations. This report also includes expected reduction in CO2 and particle emissions. Please complete the form below and we will get back to you soon.

*Disclaimer: The data contained in this calculation serves informational purposes only and is not guaranteed in any way. The calculation is partially based on assumptions due to limited data access.

Hint: if you change the values in the fields, then click refresh in your browser window and re-calculate your savings once again for a new result.

Would you like a specific savings calculation on your two-stroke engine?

Our representative will contact you for a more detailed calculation based on a few more data from you.