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Estimate your savings potential using Hans Jensen Lubricators for reducing lubrication oil consumption and extending cylinder liner lifetime. Please input your data below.

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This calculation provides a simplified view of the savings potential based in the remaining lifetime of the vessel. We are happy to provide a more precise calculation based on actual data from your vessel – without any obligations. This report also includes expected reduction in CO2 and particle emissions. Please complete the form below and we will get back to you soon.

*Disclaimer: The data contained in this calculation serves informational purposes only and is not guaranteed in any way. The calculation is partially based on assumptions due to limited data access.

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Reduced feed rate by 32% to 0.62 g/kWh


Reduced feed rate by 40% and tripled estimated liner life time


Wear rate measured as low as 0.018mm/1,000 hrs.

Oil prices are high
– protect vessel OPEX

Cylinder oil consumption is a mission-critical aspect of marine operations, impacting both operational costs and environmental sustainability.

Cylinder oil is the highest OPEX for ship owners, excluding fuel (charterers cost) and the price is expected to rise further and remain high according to several large financial institutions.

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Client case:
LSC slices feed rate by 48%

LSC Shipping installed HJ Lubtronic and HJ SIP valves on 5 vessels. After 5 months of operation, the cylinder lube oil savings reached 48% without compromising cylinder liner condition. Average CLOC before installation was 163 liters/day at a feed rate of average 1,14 g/kWh. After installation CLOC average at 85 liters/day at a feed rate of 0,7 g/kWh.

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“The cylinders were found in very good condition with too little wear, and therefore the vessel will be recommended to lower the feed rate to 0.6 g/kWh”.

– Gert Rosing, MAN Diesel & Turbo

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