5 facts about advanced cylinder lubrication technology

1. What is the purpose of lubrication technology for marine engines?

Lubrication technology for marine vessels involves the use of advanced lubrication systems to reduce friction between cylinder liner and piston rings by forming a thin and even oil film. Furthermore, lubrication prevents wear of liner and piston rings, neutralizes sulphuric acids, keeps the piston, piston rings and cylinder liner free from deposits and provides a gas tight seal for improved overall efficiency of the engine.

2. What is spray lubrication? 

Spray lubrication systems are used in marine vessels to inject a fine mist of oil into the combustion chamber under high pressure. The system utilizes the scavenge air swirl inside the cylinder for optimal distribution on the liner wall and as an option for cleaning the piston and rings avoiding deposit build-up.

3. How can high pressure lubrication systems benefit marine vessels?

A standard low-pressure lubrication system using non-return valves, distributes the oil vertically on the lower regions of the cylinder liner. Our research has shown that the oil film thickness on the liner tends to vary and, in some cases, over-lubricate locally.

Common rail technology uses high pressure to atomize the cylinder oil into the combustion chamber scavenge air swirl. Because the injection valves are angled for optimal and even distribution all over the upper part of the cylinder liner. This leads to better control and higher precision during lubrication.

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4. What are the advantages of advanced lubrication systems for marine vessels?

The advantages of advanced lubrication systems for marine vessels include reduced oil consumption, improved cylinder condition, and reduced maintenance costs.

5. How can Hans Jensen Lubricators help your business?

If you are having problems with scuffing and cylinder breakdown there is a good probability that replacing the existing lubrication system will improve condition and reduce consumption.

At Hans Jensen Lubricators, we specialize in providing advanced lubrication systems for large two.stroke marine engines. Our team of experts will guide you to find the right solution. If you are looking for savings and improved TCO, our technology can make a positive difference in many cases.

All things considered, lubrication technology is crucial for the efficient and reliable operation of marine vessels. Advanced lubrication systems offer a range of benefits over traditional lubrication methods, including reduced oil consumption, improved cylinder condition, longer engine life, and reduced maintenance costs.

We are committed to providing lubrication technologies that meet the specific needs of each vessel. Contact us today to learn how our team of experts can help optimize your vessel’s lubrication technology and improve its performance.

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