Reducing feed rate by 32%

The marine vessel Eagle Varna was experiencing a high feed rate of the cylinder lube oil. Hans Jensen installed HJ SIP valves on MAN Alpha, which resulted in a significant reduc­tion of cylinder lube oil consumption.

VesselM/V ”Eagle Varna”
EngineMAN 7S80MC-C
Cyl. OilBN 70/100

Reduced feed rate

New HJ SIP valves were installed during overhaul and the piston rings were changed. After a running period of 3,100 hours the feedrate was lowered to 0,62 g/kWh with a re­commendation of reducing to as low as 0,55 g/kWh.

Significant savings

This corresponds to yearly saving in lube oil of 156L/24hrs. ­
or $100,000 in yearly savings for the vessel (price est. $2,1/L).
Further more the iron value measured in the lube oil 3 months after the overhaul was reduced by 25% compared to before changing the rings.

Unit 2 at 22,272 running hrs (3,166 running hrs. with HJ SIP valves)

Unit 4

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