HJL vs. standard lubrication system

A joint test with MAN Diesel & Turbo (MDT) and Hans Jensen Lubricators for determining the effec­tiveness of HJ Lubtronic SIP on a new, super-long stroke, electronic engine.

Head-to-head test: HJL vs. standard lubrication system

The nine cylinders were setup differently using lubricators and valves from MAN or HJL.

Significant improvement

MDT attended the vessel several times and was responsible for all data collection. MDT analyzed the test results and found that cylinders equipped with HJ SIP valves and HJ Lubtronic lubricator in combination is remarkable in terms of reducing cylinder liner wear and lube oil consumption thereby improving the cylinder condition.

Wear rate as low as 0,018 mm/1,000 hrs. in operation and feed rate down to 0.3 g/kWh.

1-2HJ LubtronicHJ SIP1/8 th
3-4HJ LubtronicHJ SIP1/3 rd
5-6HJ LubtronicMDT NRV1/3 rd
7-9AlphaMDT NRV1/3 rd

” – Unit no. 1 and 2 (SIP in 1/8 stroke position) were found in very good condition with too little wear, and there­fore the vessel will be recommended to lower the feed rate to 0.6 g/kWh”.

– Gert Rosing, MAN Diesel & Turbo
Cylinder wear rate: mm/1000 hrs. in operation

Photos from MDT report after 4,000 running hours

Photos from the MDT report after 7,400 running hrs.

Cylinder 1 equipped with HJ Lubtronic SIP – wave cuts still visible

Photo from MDT report after 10,498 running hrs.

Cylinder 1 equipped with HJ Lubtronic SIP – wave cuts still visible

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