Hans Jensen Lubricators joins G&O Maritime Group

Tue, 28/06/2022

Hans Jensen Lubricators has joined G&O Maritime Group in a transaction where we – the former owners of HJL – enter the owner group behind G&O Maritime Group. We have made this decision to strengthen both HJL’s and G&O Maritime Group’s growth and development in the coming years as the green transition in shipping gives rise to opportunities that we will pursue.

G&O Maritime Group is a Danish-based supplier to the global maritime industry manufacturing a range of quality products for leading shipping companies, shipyards and engine manufacturers in the companies Gertsen & Olufsen, Atlas Incinerators, Pres-Vac Engineering and Heco International. The group has – in addition to HJL – around 200 employees and is headquartered in Denmark with manufacturing in Denmark and China as well as licensed production in Korea. The company is owned by the well-reputed Nordic private equity firm Polaris, which invests in small and medium-sized Nordic companies with great development potential.

Hans Jensen Lubricators will continue our more than 100 years of history with a focus on development and production of cylinder lubrication systems in Denmark in the company’s own name as part of G&O Maritime Group. The ownership change does not affect existing contracts or customer relationships, and our management team is unchanged. As a customer, you will benefit as we become part of G&O Maritime Group and will be able to provide better sales, service and advisory services with stronger local presence and more and larger offices.

We look forward to the cooperation with the other companies in G&O Maritime Group, which are also recognized as “best-in-class” within their respective product areas.

The green transition in the marine industry entails a greater need than even for more efficient cylinder lubrication. We have therefore been focusing on developing systems that ensure optimum motor conditions at the lowest possible cost level for current and future fuel types.

The increased demand for our unique and innovative products combined with a strong organisation and greater financial muscles enable us to accelerate growth. We will do so through a continued focus on R&D along with expansion of our sales and service network to the benefit of all current and coming customers.

As owners, it has been important for us to find the right partners to team up with to develop the company. Through a longer period, we have been in close dialogue with both G&O Maritime Group and Polaris, who are definitely the right partners for us as we write the next chapter in the story of Hans Jensen Lubricators.

We have prepared thoroughly for the ownership change – and we expect much of the coming years as we look forward to cooperating with G&O Maritime Group and Polaris to unfold the potential to the benefit of our customers.

You can read more about G&O Maritime Group at and Polaris at

If you have any enquiries about the developments at HJL or G&O Maritime Group, please feel free to contact us directly. We will continue to participate in customer meetings and look forward to elaborating when we meet.

Rasmus Hans Jensen, CEO and  Christian Hans Jensen, CCO

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