HJ Smartlube 4.0 software update

RELEVANT TO: All users of HJ Smartlube

June 2024

Software update 24.05

Update your cylinder lubrication system with the latest software for improved user experience and bug fixes.

User experience

We have optimized the back end of the system so users get immediate response using the HMI. The feed rate graph on the Home page now displays both the actual and set feed rates. Users can change the time zone in the PCP.

Improved data log

New settings in the PCP export log have been applied, which now notifies users if there is no data in the export log. In addition, changes for default, maximum, and minimum values are now saved in the database, ensuring consistency and reliability.

Bug fixing

We have addressed several errors and optimized performance. Program crashes when incorrect data types are entered and errors with daylight saving time changes, have all been fixed. Obligatory log-in prevents unauthorized users from changing settings in the system.

Deletion of old data and resource-intensive operations are now taking place in the background, so users no longer experience that the interface freezes.


Improved user experience
Enhanced system stability

Key improvements

User experience:

  • Optimized user input response time in HMI
  • New settings in the PCP export log
  • Export log notifies user if data is missing
  • Graph shows actual feed rate and for the set feed rate
  • Timezone can be changed manually in PCP
  • Indicator when PCP is running Automatic Cleaning Sequence

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed error about deleting old data in database
  • Program crash during user input has been fixed
  • Log-in error fixed
  • Fixed error when changing to day light saving
  • Interface freeze error has been fixed

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