HJ X-Tronic software update

RELEVANT TO: All users of HJ X-Tronic lubricators

September 2022

Relevant to vessels equipped with HJ-X-Tronic lubrication system

Improved opportunity for support

The main purpose of this update is to improve the support of your Hans Jensen lubrication system by introducing a log and to boost the user experience using graphs. Additionally, we have added flexible scheduling of the ACS feature and renewed passwords for improved login security.

Recommended update

We recommend this software update for your vessels using HJ X-Tronic. Please contact our After Sales department for further information and scheduling a visit by our engineer.

T: +45 9857 1911


Overview of improvements:

  • New operation log and troubleshooting tool:
  • Operation log
    1. Saves up to 150 operations
    1. All changes are registered
  • Includes alarm log
    1. 7 days memory
    1. All alarms are registered, with alarm time and recover time
  • Includes feed rate, stroke, mech. stroke, fuel, rpm, and load
  • Updated user interface showing graphs for:
  • Graph for feed rate
  • Graph for cylinder stroke
  • Graph for RPM
  • Graph for load
  • Graph for fuel
  • Updated ACS function that allows flexible scheduling.
  • New passwords for user roles.